Comedy Video Review

In this comedy video I will tell you what happens in this video. First of all, in this a boy is calling the boy but the pot falls on the boy below. This is where the comedy begins. He gets very angry. Both of them are running ahead and doing a lot of comedy while running. Next they see the girl. The one who teases but that girl turns out to be a mad boy. Go ahead by bike. Many people used to sit in the company of people. They drop their eating utensils with the food.

You will not be able to stop your laughter when a lot of people run after these two boys, then both the boys drive away all those people very much. And do not take the name of anyone’s hand, even enter a hut. And when all the people come inside, they beat all the people, even tear their clothes and after this they also disappear from there, when all the people look through the torn clothes, then to see this scene deserve to be Very beautiful acting has been done, and the scenes are also very good.

There are many such scenes in this, so you must watch till the end. Then how the pangat people eat is shown by doing comedy in it. In this video, people of multiple talents are working together showing their existence. And doing comedy at every turn. There are millions of views on this video because it is seen spending a lot on its comedy, all the scenes are colour full. Must see this video. That too after all. You will not live without smile.




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